ARMS® V2.5

Aviation Resource Management System

End-to-End AND Integrated
InfoTech Solution for
Airline Operations

ARMS® on the TAB™

ARMS® Mobility Solutions for Tablets

Electronic Flight Bag - EFB
Electronic Tech Log - ETL
Inflight Sales and Cabin Crew Mobility

InfoPrompt® V2

Content, Document & Information Management System

An Integrated System for Authoring, Publishing & Managing Content/ Documents infopormpt


ARMS® for Non-Scheduled Operators

A Comprehensive Solution for Non-Scheduled Operators, Air Charters, Business Jets & Cargo arms_light

ARMS® on Mobile

ARMS® Mobility Solutions for Smart Phones

Notification & Interaction Apps for Smart Phones aom


Learning & Training Academy on the Net

A Web based Solution for Education & Integrated Training Management deltanet

Laminaar Who We Are Laminaar Aviation InfoTech Pte Ltd., has been established in Singapore as the parent company of Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SDS), India.

Laminaar will continue to design and produce innovative InfoTech solutions for the global aviation and airline markets

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What We Do

  • Design and develop cutting edge infotech solutions for the aviation industry addressing the following areas …
  • Operations Management
  • MNE and MRO Management
  • Document & Content Management
  • Learning & Training Management
  • Our state-of-the-art infotech solutions are cloud-enabled, mobility-ready and include built-in Optimizers and advanced Data Analytics tools.
  • Our products and services are delivered as a comprehensive turnkey solution, so that you concentrate in running your operations, while we take care of your infotech needs.

Now launching Version 2.5 of ARMS® CPSS & FOSS


The Company


Help airlines migrate from their legacy, silo-based, high-cost, complex infotech infrastructure to next generation, unified and streamlined, cost-effective infotech cloud that is mobility and efficiency driven.

So that aviation companies can concentrate on managing their operations efficiently, while we take care of their infotech needs, keeping costs under control.

Why Laminaar?… Unique Selling Proposition

  • Team of aviation veterans and domain experts driving a 300+ strong technical workforce (Total 390+)
  • Established, proven and stable Product Suite
  • Only one of its kind which offers unification across OPS, MNE/MRO functions as an end-to-end solution
  • Cost-competitive and highly customizable systems
  • Modular and scalable architecture
  • Adopts new-gen technologies (Cloud, Mobile, UC, Big Data, Analytics)
  • Complete ownership and control of IPR